Fitness Training and Aquafit Classes

Join us for some fun and get your dog or cat moving with our fitness team!

What is fitness training?

Our fitness training classes are a stimulating activity for both cats and dogs. These classes encourage building the bond between you and your animal, while teaching your furry friend new tricks to strengthen the upper body and limbs through low-impact exercises. Our fitness classes are also a great way to lower stress, burn calories—an excellent physical and mental workout all around.

What are canine aquafit classes?

Our aquafit classes are a fantastic way to get your dog burning energy and flex those physical and mental muscles. During the course, we’ll do flexibility and cardio activities, relay races, and learn some new tricks. Aquafit is a great way to expend some of your dog’s energy and help it build muscle mass and improve balance. Contact us to register!

All fitness classes are given in partnership with Aniforme Fitness+.

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