Hôpital vétérinaire Chambly

Hôpital vétérinaire Chambly


A team that is committed to the health and well-being of your companion

We would like our customers and their pets to be part of our family so that trust, respect, honesty, compassion and empathy are always present.

Our animal hospital is composed of a team of experienced veterinarians, qualified technicians and dedicated secretaries who have at heart the health of your pet. Whether for an emergency or for general care, the staff of our veterinary clinic will treat your dog, cat or other pet with professionalism and respect.

Located in Chambly on Montreal's South Shore

We recently moved and we have five examination rooms, a surgery room, a dentistry room, radiology room, ultrasound and endoscopy center with aquatic animal physiotherapy mats, pool and exercise room, a day care center for dogs with canine and feline hotel and finally a hotel conference room.


Our team


Dr Madjid Boussouira
Graduated in 2001 from St-Hyacinth’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and from the National Veterinary School of Alger in 1985, he also started a certificate in Physiotherapy at the University of Tenessee. Passionate veterinarian with 30 years of practice, his interests vary from medicine, surgery, orthopaedic surgery and physiotherapy. Since the age of 8 he knew he will become a veterinarian. He was always surrounded with different types of animals: dogs, cats, birds, horses amongst others. Given this background, he was influenced into treating several types of animals in his practice. At home he has a cat named Caramel and a female boxer named Maya. He still feels very passionate about his work.

Dr German Ferrer
Graduated from Colombia’s University Lasalle in 1996 and from St-Hyacinth’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. He also completed an internship in applied sciences for small animals at University of Montreal in 2008. During his free time, he practices model-making and takes care of his French Bulldog named Queen.

Dre Michèle A. St-Pierre
Graduated from St-Hyacinth’s Faculty of Veterinary medicine in 1988, she obtained her certificate in veterinary chiropractic and acupuncture. She is also the co-Founder of the UQROP, the rehabilitation center for birds of prey at the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Veterinary medicine in St-Hyacinth in 1987. She joined the team at Chambly’s Veterinary Hospital and Animo-Vet Hospital in St-Hubert in 2012. She is passionate about veterinary medicine and about practicing alternative medicine like veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic. Mother of four, she has a dog and a horse. She enjoys running and spending time with her family during her free time.

Dr Radu Turcu
Graduated from Bucharest’s Faculty of Veterinary medicine in Romania in 1999 and fron St-Hyacinth’s Faculty of Veterinary medicine in 2012. Passionate by surgery, he worked in several hospitals in Romania and participated in a lot of sterilization campaign for stray dogs. He shares in house with a dog and three cats. To relax, he enjoys spending time with his two sons, kayaking, camping and fishing.

josee-guilmetteDre Josée Guilmette
Dre Guilmette graduated from St-Hyacinth's Faculty of Veterinary medicine in 2009. She then did an internship in Zoological medicine at the Faculty, it helped her deepen her knowledge about a diverse number of species (Ferrets, rabits, rodents, birds, reptiles...). Dre Guilmette then worked at the Emergency of the DMV Veterinary Center. Since October 2014, Dre Guilmette joined the Animo-Vet Hospital's team. For leisure, she enjoys oil painting, reading and hikes in nature. Do not hesitate to come see her, wether it is for your dog, your cat, bird, reptile or others...

Veterinary technicians

Bianca Dauphinais
Graduated from Cegep de Sherbrooke in the Veterinary Technician program in 2014, she joined our team in june the same year. She also completed a program in grooming in 2008. She has two pets at home; Mélodie a female Shih Tzu and a cat named Balou. She is passionate by surgery and also with nursing our patients. Since our move to the new clinic, she is the one taking care of grooming your four legged friends. She enjoys nautical sports and Cross Fit.

Marie-Ève Guay
Graduated from College Lafleche in Trois-Rivières in the Veterinary Technician program in 2015, she joined our team in January 2016. She worked a couple of moths in a laboratory before joining us. She has two cats at home named Lucky and Lyly. When she has free time, she likes to do sports and Hip-Hop dancing.

Stéphanie Poitras
Graduated in 2007 in the Veterinary Technician program from Cegep de Saint-Hyacinth, it is with us that she did her stage and she liked us so much that she decided to stay forever! During her studies, Stephanie worked at the SPCA Montérégie for 2 years and a half, and that is where the fight to help abandoned and helpless animals started. She shares her home with a dog and three cats, from those four animals, three have been adopted from shelters. She is part of the volunteers team from the SPCA taking care of giving medical care to the abandoned animals two times a week. She is now in maternity leave with her little daughter, awaiting her second baby!

Camille Richard
Graduated from Cegep de Sherbrooke in Veterinary Technician since 2015, she has been working for Chambly’s Veterinary Hospital and Animo-Vet hospital since July the same year. During her free time, she loves everything artistic. Starting illustrator and painter, she loves music and cinema.

Camille Ferron

Sandra Beauvais


Jolyane Tremblay
Graduated from the University of Liège in Belgium as a Doctor in Veterinary medicine in 2012, she joined our team in 2013 before preparing her Canadian equivalences as a veterinarian. Very organised, her interests are exotic animals, Canadian horse and rugby. She is now in maternity leave with her daughter.


Martine Lavallée
Part of the Chambly’s Veterinary hospital team since 2013 after several years as a receptionnist in a human medical clinic, she got well adjusted to working with us since she has a passion for knowledge. She is a very good listener to our clients and she likes to know as much as she can about your pet so she can give you the best advices possible. Cheerful and friendly, she is the happy doggy-mom of an Akita mix named Scotch, three cats (Charlotte, Lil and Fifi) and a magnificent horse named Sunny.


Audrey Denault
Currently studying at the Cegep de St-Hyacinthe in the Veterinary Technician program, she joined our team in November 2015. She has two female cats at home named Doudoune and Ti-Mine. She loves everything artistic, especially drawing, photography and writing. She also loves to practice snowboarding.