Swiming Pool and Hydro Therapy for dogs in Montreal

Piscine Mixte Maitre et chien Chambly

Exercise your dog

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Swimming pool for dogs located 15 mins from downtown Montreal in the South shore, where dogs can swim  all year round in a indoor - in ground chorine free swimming pool for dogs."

Swimming is simply the best excercise you can offer your dog . It lifts the dog's spirits

,relaxes its muscles and improves its agility hence tremndously improving the quality of

life of the dog.

The resistance in water makes your dog work harder than  walking or running The dog will show improved muscular strength and tone, while working the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems, without the impact of concussive exercise on land and the associated damage that it may cause.

Swimming  is widely used to help the dogs with arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament tears, orthopedic surgery, stroke, paralysis, muscle degeneration, and pre/post surgical conditioning.

Overweight dogs can be difficult exercise on land without over-stressing bones and joints. Swimming  will burn calories and improve the metabolic rate. A combination of a good diet, and swimming can bring the dog to its optimum weight.According to Dr Arleigh Reynolds, a Veterinary Surgeon and Canine Physiologist,  1 minute of swimming is equivalent to about 4 minutes of running,

After surgery, swimming provides weightless exercise to improve joint movement, increase circulation and build supporting muscle, where walking can possibly cause damage to the newly reconstructed area.

At our clinic we offer our clients the opportunity to swim with their dogs or our highly skilled friendly staff  will swim with their dogs.

The sessions are private so your dog is the only dog in the pool.

Our swimming pool for dogs does not contain any chlorine and we provide life jackets for all size of dogs, hair dryers,

towels, a supervised enviorment and best of all Doggie Treats!