Surgical Procedures

Our veterinary professionals have extensive experience in veterinary surgery. You can rest assured that your pet is in safe hands, whether it’s for a simple procedure or emergency care.

What kinds of surgery does the clinic perform?

Our veterinarians perform elective and non-elective procedures.

Elective surgery refers to non-urgent procedures to treat issues that are not placing your pet’s health at immediate risk. They can include spaying and neutering, removal of benign tumours, hernia correction and tooth extraction.

Non-elective surgery refers to more urgent procedures that a veterinarian deems necessary to treat major problems that pose a health risk to your pet, or are even life-threatening. Non-elective procedures include removing porcupine quills, C-sections, stitches, amputation, etc.
Both elective and non-elective surgery requires anaesthesia, which is carefully monitored by our team right up until your pet wakes up.