Orthopedic Care

Our team of animal health professionals is proud to offer a range of orthopedic services that includes wound treatment, orthopedic surgery, and rehabilitation and physiotherapy services.

What kinds of orthopedic surgery does the clinic offer?

Our seasoned veterinarians specialized in orthopedic care can perform almost any orthopedic surgery for cats or dogs. The surgeries performed include:

  • Knee surgery (ruptured cruciate ligament, patellar luxation, fractures—arthroplasty or amputation)
  • Hip surgery (arthroplasty)
  • Fracture repair surgery (jaw, pelvic, tibial, femoral, elbow, humeral, radial or ulna fracture)

    How can I help my animal recover after orthopedic surgery?

    At Hôpital vétérinaire de Chambly, we place immense importance on post-operative rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Our staff can guide you in choosing services that best meet your animal’s needs from our wide range of treatment options. To find out more about rehabilitation after surgery, visit our Rehabilitation Services page.

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