Nutritional Advice

Good health for a pet starts with nutrition. Did you know that simply opting for a healthy, balanced diet for your pet can save you loads on vet bills? Get in touch with us for advice on the best food option for your cat or dog.

Why is choosing the right food for your pet so important?

A pet food that’s healthy, balanced and tailored to your animal’s nutritional needs will ensure better overall health. And give your pet that extra pep so it can run and play at your side! What’s a perfect choice for one pet won’t necessarily be a good fit for yours. Hence the importance of make a choice based on your pet’s individual needs. Our team can help you choose a pet food that’s suited to your animal’s weight, breed, health and lifestyle.

What brands of pet food do you carry?

We carry a wide selection of veterinary diet products to meet the needs of all our clients. You’ll find numerous options in our shop for high-quality food adapted to your pet’s age, as well as therapeutic products for animals with digestion issues, skin conditions, diabetes, osteoarthritis, etc.

Even if you aren’t feeding your pet a veterinary diet food, we’re happy to give you advice about what you’re currently feeding your pet. Our goal is to promote a healthy diet that helps your pet lead a happy, healthy life.