Heartworm Testing

We can test for heartworm with a blood test. Blood analysis is the simplest way to get rapid results on whether your dog or cat is infected.

What is a heartworm?

Heartworms are parasites found in animal blood. When an insect bites an infected animal, it can transfer heartworm to the next animal it bites. After being bitten, the animal will carry the larvae that will eventually hatch into worms. Heartworm is a very serious disease, since the worms can spread to your pet’s arteries and heart, where they multiply. If it is not treated in time, it can lead to serious health problems or even death.

Can heartworm be treated?

While heartworm treatment does exist, it brings its own risks. Due to the location of the worms, treatment can be harsh on the animal and result in side effects. We always recommend that our clients opt for parasite prevention treatment, so that we can help our patients stay heartworm-free. Parasite prevention treatments eliminate any larvae that might be present before they reach the worm stage and reproduce.