Behavioural Advice

Training a pet might seem like a simple task at first glance, but in reality, it involves a lot of hard work, consistency and patience. Whether you’re training your very first pet, or you’ve got plenty of experience, sometimes you might just need a little help to teach your pet a specific behaviour or eliminate a problematic one. Our behavioural specialist will be there to listen and help you make living with your cat or dog as easy and enjoyable as possible.

When should I consult an animal behavioural specialist?

An animal behavioural specialist can be of help at numerous stages in a pet’s life. Here are a few examples of instances where a consultation could be useful:

  • A big life change in your or your pet’s life: A big change could include moving house, the arrival of a new baby or new pet or a new master, etc.
  • Right after you adopt a new pet: Certain behaviour, such as housetraining, should be taught as soon as your pet comes home with you. If this is your first pet, some expert advice on training and caring for your pet during its first few weeks could be beneficial.
  • Understanding and modifying unwanted behaviour: Over time, your pet might develop disruptive or unpleasant behaviours. Whatever that behaviour might be, our pet health team can help you understand what’s at the root of the problem, so we can train your pet to change the behaviour.
  • A sudden change or unusual behaviour: Sometimes a change in behaviour can be due to an underlying health problem. If you notice unusual behaviour from your pet, speak to your veterinarian to make sure it isn’t a sign of something else. Some kinds of behaviour merit a visit to the vet, including severe itching or excessive licking, loss of appetite, sudden uncleanliness, a pet isolating itself, loss of interest in activities your pet normally enjoys, or avoidance or aggression upon physical contact.

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